a small town full of history, architecture and wine

Klosterneuburg is a small town of some 25 thousand inhabitants situated on the Danube river approximately 13 kilometres to the north-west of Vienna. It is the fourth biggest town in the region of Lower Austria. The town, and the nearby monastery provide enough opportunity for lovers of history and architecture, but also it is one of the best locations for wine lovers due to the fact that the area is covered by extensive vineyards providing for social and cultural life, as well.

Apart from the town itself, Klosterneuburg also offers a magnificent monastery complex (Stift Klosterneuburg), which celebrated 900 years of existence in 2014.nThe history of this Augustinian complex starts in 1114. Since its beginnings, the monastery has served as a centre of education, arts and culture, including the unique Verdun Altar (originating in the middle ages). The Augustinian work and activity resulted in rich collections of valuable Baroque to modern paintings. The monastery offers its visitors a number of tours, exhibitions of art, and it hosts a museum, too. It is also an ideal destination for families offering a number of children´s activities and workshops.nThe monastery´s speciality is a Wine Tour of the monastery vineyards, the oldest wine-growing area in Austria. nDue to its lovely location within the Wienerwald (Viennese Forest) natural area, Klosterneuburg offers numerous natural beauties, as well as an unforgettable culinary experience enriched by a number of cultural venues. Therefore, we recommend to allow approximately 3 hours to visit the town of Klosterneuburg, or half a day to have enough time to enjoy the local nature. Ideally, it is advisable to allow 2 or 3 days to soak in the local atmosphere, and enjoy local food, wine, and culture.

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