a mediaeval UNESCO-listed village with rural Baroque architecture

This mediaeval UNESCO-listed village is a surprisingly sophisticated example of architectural planning combining a beautiful rectangular arrangement of farm houses situated around the real village green with a small pond in its centre.n

This town, with surprisingly beautiful Baroque ornamentation (especially on the front facades) of the individual houses, belongs to the most popular visitor spots in the south of the Czech Republic, conveniently located in the midst of picturesque landscape among golden fields of grain and soothing forests with the refreshing scent of pine sap. It is situated approximately a 45-minute drive from Cesky Krumlov, not far away from the regional capital of Ceske Budejovice (known for its Budweiser Budvar brewery).nWe recommend to allow approximately 0.5 to 1 hour to visit Holasovice on your way from Cesky Krumlov (or Ceske Budejovice) to Pisek, or Prague. The best time to visit is July, when the village green hosts a very popular festival of handicrafts and hand-made products (including iron, pottery, glass, wood, leather, soap and bakery) tastefully contributed by various performances of both local and international folk musicians and dancers.n

You can visit Holasovice on these routes:

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